Even Dr. Weil Agrees: Acupuncturists with TCM Training are the Most Qualified

At Bright Path Wellness, we first utilize the Traditional Chinese Medicine model of differential diagnosis to relate your challenges to the inter-connectivity of your organ systems. We then integrate that knowledge with the modern techniques of Functional Medicine and our evaluation of functional levels of the results from standard blood tests and other state-of-the-art scientific laboratory testing, if needed. This provides us with a comprehensive analysis and determination of the Root Cause of your health challenges.

A personalized program is designed specifically for you which recommends targeted professional and pharmaceutical grade nutrient, homeopathic and herbal supplementation to correct imbalances and restore optimal health. Dietary and lifestyle modifications will be recommended. Additionally, various treatment protocols may be recommended to stimulate the body’s innate healing processes. With the interferences removed, you will be on the bright path to living a profound life.

The benefits of removing the interferences in your life include: Pain Relief, Better Sleep, Increased Energy, Better Digestion & Nutrient Absorption, Stronger Immune System, Reduced Toxic Burden, Reduced Inflammation, Enhanced Ability to Deal with Stress, Mood Enhancement and A Clear, Focused & Positive Mind.

You’re worth it! Ready to start?

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