Seeking Better Healthcare?

Seeking Better Healthcare?

Seeking Better Healthcare?

Deeply-Rooted in Natural Health! Researching and Implementing Natural Health Solutions for over 30 years to Benefit Ourselves, Our Patients and Our Planet. This Is Our Passion!

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine addresses the root causes of disease through a comprehensive review of your health including: your personal history; current diet and lifestyle; environment, mental and emotional factors; and genetics. Functional Medicine personalizes mind, body and spirit solutions. It also utilizes targeted, corrective and functional nutrient therapy.

Bright Path’s Functional Medicine the Better!

Bright Path Wellness integrates the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a time-tested, clinically-proven and completely natural treatment modality which addresses in-depth the inter-connectivity of organ systems and optimizes energy flow through the meridians of the body.

Healthcare as is should be – Natural!

Welcome to Bright Path Wellness

Bright Path Wellness offers: functional medicine & clinical nutrition consultations; functional level blood chemistry evaluations; acupuncture; expert health, diet and lifestyle coaching; personalized wellness programs; professional-grade nutritional, herbal and homeopathic supplements; and a welcoming community.

Diana L. DaGrosa, MSOM, L.Ac., ACN is highly educated in Functional Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine, which makes her distinctively qualified to provide highly effective natural solutions to complex health challenges. Digestive Health is Diana’s specialty, which makes perfect sense as you need to Fix Digestion First to resolve most health challenges. Insomnia, anxiety and stress relief are also an important part of her practice.

Diana’s diverse education and extensive clinical experience fills her toolkit with proven solutions. As you work though the healing process with Diana, your protocols and treatments are adjusted until optimal health is attained. You become aware of and remove the interferences, so you can lead a healthy and fully productive life.

Eliminate the Interferences · Correct the Cause · Live the Life of Your Dreams

Root Cause Resolution – Naturally!

Are You Ready?

Fibromyalgia and Mitchochondria – Let’s Take A Deeper Look

I recently enjoyed a high-level seminar with instructors David M. Brady, ND, DC, CCN and Todd R. LePine, MD, both leaders in Functional Medicine for many years. The first section was on In-depth knowledge and clinical processes to correctly assess a patient for true Fibromyalgia. “80% of diagnosed fibromyalgia cases are diagnosed incorrect.” – Dr. Brady explained. Have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia? – It may be time for another assessment from a different perspective.
The second section explored root cause determination utilizing lab tests of organic minerals and essential cellular components of mitochondria. Did you know that your mitochondria, which are the power houses of all your cells, have only your mother’s DNA?
A favorite diagnostic test that Bright Path Wellness recommends is the Organix Panel by Genova Diagnostics. It provides vital nutritional information including: functional vitamin & mineral status, amino acid insufficiencies, oxidative damage, antioxidant need, detoxification capacity, neurotransmitter metabolites, mitochondrial energy production, methylation sufficiency, and markers for bacterial and yeast overgrowth. Determining root causes of disease and other health conditions at the cellular level. This way a personalized and targeted treatment plans can be provided to address each patient’s needs.

It’s a Bright New Day


Dr. Perlmutter with Diana

Our new website will provide patients and potential patients with a great source of information about the many services we offer, share educational insight on healthy living and offer clinically-tested, evidenced-based products for your optimal wellbeing.

It is our pleasure and passion to guide you and a bright path to wellness.

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photo of Dr. David Perlmutter, author of ‘Grain Brain’ with Diana.