Existing Patients Next Steps!


Existing Patients - Next Steps!

Welcome Back!  We Look Forward to Seeing You Again Soon.

Sudden Sickness? Don't Suffer - Contact Bright Path Immediately!  Remember We Offer a Free "Quick Check" Consultation - Bright Path Wellness has many natural and effective remedies for acute or sudden sicknesses such as: stomach bugs, food poisoning, traveler's diarrhea, colds, flu, injury pain, anxiety, etc.  Active existing patients may contact the office via phone or email for a brief (5-10 minute) FREE consultation with Diana for symptom review and recommendation of a nutrient, herbal or homeopathic protocol.

Bright Path Wellness Offers Consultation and Treatment Plans for Best Value During The Initial Period of Correction for Chronic Conditions - Click Here to View Your Options

Is It Time for Your Annual Blood Chemistry Assessment?  Contact Us to See Which Specialty Lab Test Diana Recommends to Improve Your Health to a Higher Level.

Ready For an Insightful Consultation or Healing Treatment?  Please Take Advantage of Our Online Scheduling Below: