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Post Surgery Recovery Protocol
Before going through what should have been a painful cosmetic procedure, I consulted with Diana DaGrosa.  She prescribed acupuncture and natural herbs/supplements prior to and after my surgery.  After my surgery, I hardly had ANY pain!  After my general anesthesia wore off, I took ONE pain pill!  My skin healed amazingly fast and the scars where my incisions were made were so light at one month they looked like they could have been six months old!  My cosmetic surgeon could not believe how fast I healed and I could not believe how easy her recommendations made my surgery.  I still use Diana for her expertise in any issues I may have; stress relief, bruising from my dancing hobby, and overall mind/body health.  I trust her fully and would recommend her to ANYONE!
Karen L.
Sleeping Easy
Diana has helped me with several health issues including depression, extreme fatigue, chronic elbow pain and constant itching in my arms.  Diana's skills at acupuncture and knowledge of nutritional supplements and herbs helped me with each of these problems.  The pain in my elbow is gone thanks to Diana’s acupuncture.  I no longer wake at night because of the intense itching in my arms thanks to her acupuncture and herbal blends.  I again have energy and am keeping the depression away thanks to the special herbal blends Diana prepares for me.
Vicky W.  | Sun Prairie, WI
Age Defying Nutrition
I have been consistently using the Star Energetics ImmuneBoost shake (and Elite Nutrition & Elite Athlete packs) as my breakfast 6-7 days a week for the past 6 weeks.  I feel great!  The shakes are very satisfying - my body feels nourished, not just "full".  I am able to make good choices in the food I eat for other meals, and I'm able to easily practice portion control!  I have lots of energy.  I have been exercising even after long days at work instead of coming home exhausted. I am loving the shake+supplements!!  I have much more energy, have lost about 7 of those stubborn last 10 pounds, and have even started going to kickboxing 2 nights a week!!!!  I'm determined to turn 60 (good grief!) feeling good!
Julie W. | East Hampton, NY
Compassion & Commitment
After being diagnosed with prostate cancer I wanted to seek an alternate to surgery or radiation.  My research led me to a body of knowledge that described the concept of healthy cells that could be achieved by overcoming the affects of deficiency and toxicity that may be prevalent in all types of disease.  I was introduced to Diana DaGrosa by my wife who is also a client.   After discussing my diagnosis and the information in the extensive questionnaire that is required prior to an initial consultation, Diana described a program to achieve healthy cells that mirrored the concepts that I learned from my research.   I decided to try this approach and after 3 years of following Diana’s recommendations regarding diet and exercise along with acupuncture treatments and nutritional supplements I can confirm the following: My PSA levels have returned to normal.  My blood pressure and cholesterol levels have returned to normal without medication which I was taking before my introduction to Diana.  I lost 30 lbs – 15% of my body weight.  My overall health is now excellent.   Diana’s treatment program is tailored to my individual needs based upon extensive testing that has included saliva tests and hair analysis.  Continuous testing monitors the progress of her treatment program.  Her compassion and commitment to me is a welcome alternate to conventional treatment.
Gary K. | Scottsdale, AZ
Diana is an incredible resource for health issues. The breadth and depth of her knowledge is just amazing. She has surpassed most of my regular "western" health care providers in addressing my sometimes complex health issues. Don't know where I'd be without her! My husband and I both see her regularly now. (I have auto immune issues and my husband has cancer, so these are not inconsequential problems.) We have recommended her to dozens of people with frustrating health issues and everyone just loves her. What more can I say?
Rogene P. | Scottsdale, AZ
Miracle – MYRRHACLE!
We have a Golden Retriever puppy who is being trained as a service dog for our daughter. The poor pup has had skin allergies for at least nine months. After frequenting the vet and trying their medications with no response, Diana suggested we use "Myrrhacle" healing blend on the pup. Boy oh boy what a difference the "Miracle" healing blend made. With a nightly application of "Myrrhacle" over the past month, this pup now has normal skin, no redness, no itching. It has truly saved us $$$at the vets. Can't thank you enough Diana, for coming up with this amazing cream.
Thank you from Roy, Sue, Sally, and a none itchy pup named Kira
Life Saver!
I swear by Diana.  I can assure I was at my wits end when I went to see her, funny Diana and I were just talking about it today.  I spent over a year in nasty pain in my lower back.  Had MRIs, X-Rays, saw Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractors, Pain Clinics, you name it.  I had degenerative disks but I also had a torn disk leaking into my nervous system and a bulging disk pressing on my spine.  Most of this I believed was caused by lack of exercise, bad diet, and stress.  I went on a vacation to Disney with my family doing my regular two Advil and two Tylenol in the morning and at night in addition to having my wife coat my back from neck to waist in Bengay to just only make the pain bearable.  I cried many nights struggling for a solution.   My wife suggested acupuncture as her foster mother had back pain 20 some years back and found acupuncture was the cure.  Diana sat down with me for a consultation and did some, at the time, crazy examinations looking at the color of my tongue, looking into my eyes, checking my pulse, and many other things to try and determine what was causing the pain and see what my body was doing.  That is the key to find out the cause then find a solution.  Taking pharmaceuticals is expensive and takes a huge toll on your internal organs as well.  Surgery is the same thing with no guarantee.   I would have to say within one month of seeing Diana getting on a very inexpensive regime of natural herbs and regular acupuncture sessions ($50 to 100) and I was cured!!!  Since then we last year had me do a saliva test and blood test and she broke down the cause.  She found, as many people in pain are, that I was allergic to gluten.  Gluten is found primary in wheat products like bread, cereals, pasta, etc.  I cut back nearly eliminating any intake of this stuff and I can tell you today I have never felt better.  I could go on and on about Diana.  There is no guarantee with acupuncture and herbal regime, but without any doubt what so ever it has cured me.  I now see her once every two weeks for approximately 30 minutes and I will for as long as she will have me.  I also take a lot of extra care in my overall health with eating what Diana tells me and regular exercise.  Got to treat the body like a Ferrari as best you can, you only get one in life to work with.
Paul J. | Scottsdale, AZ
Change Your Life
Diana and Bright Path Wellness has improved the quality of my life. I have been a patient of hers for over five years and I see her once a month. It is an appointment that I have put as a priority in my life and very rarely miss it. I have referred many friends to her and they have also been as impressed as I am. She has helped me overcome health/nutrition issues and women’s health issues. Her acupuncture, Chinese medicine and nutrition recommendations have improved my energy levels, helped with sore joints, sore muscles, allergies, stress, and even helped me through grieving periods when I’ve lost loved ones. I sleep better with her Sleeping Beauty essential oils and my husband and I both agree that we would NEVER go through a surgery or invasive medical procedure without her pre/post surgery regimen. Beyond the medical side of her practice, she is an amazing, smart, attentive, caring woman that became such an important person in my life, I invited her to my wedding! If given the chance, Diana will change your life!
Karen H. | Mesa, AZ