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Miracle – MYRRHACLE!
We have a Golden Retriever puppy who is being trained as a service dog for our daughter. The poor pup has had skin allergies for at least nine months. After frequenting the vet and trying their medications with no response, Diana suggested we use "Myrrhacle" healing blend on the pup. Boy oh boy what a difference the "Miracle" healing blend made. With a nightly application of "Myrrhacle" over the past month, this pup now has normal skin, no redness, no itching. It has truly saved us $$$at the vets. Can't thank you enough Diana, for coming up with this amazing cream.
Thank you from Roy, Sue, Sally, and a none itchy pup named Kira
Neck Pain Relief!
Well, to start, I had surgery in September 1992 for the rupture of a disc in my neck.  I believe it was c5/6.  The doctor did a good job, but failed to tell me the consequences of this surgery.  It was about 2-3 years down the road and I began to have trouble again with my neck.  I went for an MRI and found out I have trouble with the 2 discs above my surgery and the 2 discs below the original procedure.  Rather than additional surgery, I used the pain pills and muscle relaxers for the severe pain.  I was tired of the pills and decided to try an alternative method.  I went to Diana for the neck treatment and received wonderful results.  Now I do not use any medication at all for pain.  The treatments I receive totally relieve me of pain for my neck.  I usually try to get 2 treatments a month for the pain, but I found out that 1 treatment will work.  In the past, when I came down with this pain periodically, nothing would work without 2-3 days of pain pills and muscle relaxers.  I will never return to the medication as long as Diana is around.  This treatment has changed the way I feel and I will never return to conventional medications or surgery. Thanks so much.
Professional Colleague Recommendation
I have used Diana's products personally and with my patients in my practice for over ten years. Each and every time that I use Diana's creams, lotions and essential oil blends and  I know that I am using a very high quality product. Diana's vast knowledge of skin care, herbal medicine, Acupuncture and nutrition make her a very special practitioner. In addition to using her products I have received supportive and nurturing treatment from Diana, she is truly gifted and gives directly from her heart."
Maria Bowling MSTOM., LMT, L.Ac. East Hampton, N.Y.
Life Saver!
I swear by Diana.  I can assure I was at my wits end when I went to see her, funny Diana and I were just talking about it today.  I spent over a year in nasty pain in my lower back.  Had MRIs, X-Rays, saw Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractors, Pain Clinics, you name it.  I had degenerative disks but I also had a torn disk leaking into my nervous system and a bulging disk pressing on my spine.  Most of this I believed was caused by lack of exercise, bad diet, and stress.  I went on a vacation to Disney with my family doing my regular two Advil and two Tylenol in the morning and at night in addition to having my wife coat my back from neck to waist in Bengay to just only make the pain bearable.  I cried many nights struggling for a solution.   My wife suggested acupuncture as her foster mother had back pain 20 some years back and found acupuncture was the cure.  Diana sat down with me for a consultation and did some, at the time, crazy examinations looking at the color of my tongue, looking into my eyes, checking my pulse, and many other things to try and determine what was causing the pain and see what my body was doing.  That is the key to find out the cause then find a solution.  Taking pharmaceuticals is expensive and takes a huge toll on your internal organs as well.  Surgery is the same thing with no guarantee.   I would have to say within one month of seeing Diana getting on a very inexpensive regime of natural herbs and regular acupuncture sessions ($50 to 100) and I was cured!!!  Since then we last year had me do a saliva test and blood test and she broke down the cause.  She found, as many people in pain are, that I was allergic to gluten.  Gluten is found primary in wheat products like bread, cereals, pasta, etc.  I cut back nearly eliminating any intake of this stuff and I can tell you today I have never felt better.  I could go on and on about Diana.  There is no guarantee with acupuncture and herbal regime, but without any doubt what so ever it has cured me.  I now see her once every two weeks for approximately 30 minutes and I will for as long as she will have me.  I also take a lot of extra care in my overall health with eating what Diana tells me and regular exercise.  Got to treat the body like a Ferrari as best you can, you only get one in life to work with.
Paul J. | Scottsdale, AZ