Pain is gone!

I been seeing Diana for over fifteen years of and on. On last Tuesday I went to see Diana at Bright Path Welness with my husband because I was in severe pain so she performed laser therapy and before I left her office with absolutely no pain! That was only after only one treatment so I definitely will go back to get my shoulder work on it with laser therapy and it helped me so much it was incredible! Diana you are a miracle worker! See you soon!

Incredible Laser!

Because I always have good experience at Bright Path Wellness with Diana. I had a lot of pain in my neck and my rotator cuff that I could barely drive but I did it. After my treatment my neck and my shoulder felt better and less pain. The laser pain treatment Diana uses is just incredible!


Diana is very dedicated to the healing arts and her knowledge shows the passion she has to make a difference in your health. She is present and listens to your needs, at the same time holds you with respect and compassion. The office feels safe, peaceful and caring. The light level laser therapy is helping with the edema and inflammation in my leg from a blood clot. It feels like it is speeding up my recovery. It truly is uplifting being in the care of Diana and her Staff

Worth a Million!

Diana and team are the most amazing group of people I’ve ever met in the healing industry! Why? I had been in severe pain (neck and shoulder) to the point of praying to God to help me find someone that can actually take this pain away without drugs! The next thing I’m searching acupuncturist (not familiar with this but thought it was worth a shot). I signed up online for an appointment and got in the following morning. I was a mess, I could hardly lift my arm, my head throbbed and I was exhausted from pain primarily my neck and shoulder! Everyone at the office was so nice even when I was late because I got lost (prbly had extreme brain fog)! I explained all my pains to Diana (angel) and she used a low light laser therapy treatment on me that was PAINLESS!! I am not a fan of shots or cutting utinsels so Seriously people that (light devise) is worth a million right there! Diana must have known where to point that light in all the right spots because after a few hours of that first treatment I felt 75 to 85 percent better!! During our next 3 sessions Diana helped me discover other issues that could of been related to the pain and made some recommendations. I use to get these severe pains about once a month for the past year and I’m happy to report that I’m essentially pain free for over three months now! I still go back to get the light treatment for clearing that brain fog going on with me (it works!) and seeing if we can work on other ailments- I’m a 56 year old female. I hope others find this helpful and set up an appointment- you maybe as pleasantly surprised as I was! God Bless, Stacy B

Amazing Laser

The laser treatment was painless and quick. I had pain in my calf. The treatment relieved the pain and I was able to double my walking distance from 1 mile to 2 miles.

Hugh Energy Boost!

I always enjoy my acupuncture treatments but this last session was so energizing! I added the FX laser and felt a huge boost of energy. Thank you, Bright Path and Diana!

Always the Best!

Always, always, always the best! Acupuncture, Functional Medicine, Asian medicine, laser treatments, Diana does it all superbly!!