Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic Massage Therapy Services:

  • Swedish Massage Therapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage
  • Massage for People Living with Cancer
  • Lymphatic Massage
  • Botanical Meridian Balancing - Coming Soon!


Health Benefits of Massage:

  • Complements Other Healing Modalities
  • Greatly Reduces Pain
  • Relieves Sore and Tight Muscles
  • Speeds Healing
  • Increases Joint Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Improves Circulation
  • Relieves Tension Headaches
  • Helps Strenghten the Immune System
  • Assists with Detoxification


Dawn Lewis, L.M.T.

As a licensed massage therapist by the State Medical Board of Ohio for over 23 years, I am passionate about what I do and find joy in helping others achieve their wellness goals.  It is my honor and privilege to give back to my community and becoming recently licensed by the Arizona Board of Massage Therapy since 2017, I am delighted to call Arizona my home.  

As a life long learner myself I enjoy educating my patients on anatomy, repetitive motion injury, understanding specific muscle functions and how to maintain proper postures and safe movement during their daily functions.  

Specialties include:  Pain management, rehabilitation and relaxation through therapeutic massage to include Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage and Massage for People Living with Cancer.  

Therapeutic Massage Therapy Service Descriptions:

  • Swedish Massage Therapy - 60 & 90 Minutes

A full body massage with light to medium pressure used to focus on relieving mental, emotional and physical fatigue and tension in the superficial tissues of the whole body. It is so relaxing you could fall asleep.

  • Deep Tissue Massage - 60 & 90 Minutes

Using medium to deep pressure on the specific areas where there may be chronic pain in order to reach deeper tissue which quickens your recovery time. A combination of Swedish, Trigger Point, Neuromuscular, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Shiatsu techniques are used in this massage.  It is not as sedative, however extremely beneficial.  If a Full Body Deep Tissue Massage is desired then a 90 Minute session is required.

  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage - 90 Minutes

A full body, 90 minute massage using long flowing strokes with the forearms, palms, knuckles and thumbs and includes some stretching and trigger point work on the neck, shoulders and hips. The strokes will be long, smooth and relaxing as well as quick and invigorating.

  • Massage for People Living with Cancer - 60 Minutes

This massage provides optimum care for those who are currently receiving treatment for cancer or for those in remission.  Skilled, gentle touch and massage is provided for every level of diagnosis.  Written doctors permission is required for patients with active cancer.  

  • Lymphatic Massage - 60 & 90 Minutes

A light massage with the intent on increasing lymphatic fluid circulation and drainage throughout the body to rid the body of metabolic waste and boost the immune system strengthened the body against allergies, viruses, bacteria and other inflammatory conditions. A highly relaxing massage, concentrated on calming the nervous system with subtle, slow and light touch. Excellent for anyone with swelling/edema, post-travel or post-surgery, stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, sleep disorders and so much more.

  • Botanical Meridian Balancing Treatment - 75 Minutes - Coming Soon!

This is Bliss!... Gentle body work on back, scalp & feet using custom blended aromatherapy essential oils to balance Chakras and the Meridian's Energy (Qi) Flow. Includes your personalized therapeutic essential oil blend to take home. Proprietary Treatment Developed by Diana DaGrosa, MSOM, L.Ac.

Only Unscented Organic & Vegan Massage Creams are used in All Treatments.  High Quality Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Are Offer during Treatments.

Existing Patients of Bright Path Wellness have the added benefit of Diana sharing insights with Dawn ensuring the best possible personalized healing massage experience.

Ask about combining Massage with Acupuncture or Low-Level Laser Therapy for synergistic healing and detoxification enhancement.

For the Health and Comfort of Fellow Patients and Clients with Sensitivities to Perfume/Cologne and Other Beauty Products, We Maintain a Perfume & Cologne Free Office.  Thank You