Traditional Acupuncture


What is Acupuncture and how does it work?

One of the modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture is the insertion of tiny, fine needles into the body at specific points, which correlate to the treatment of specific health problems. There are more than 1,000 of these known ‘acupoints’ and they have been mapped by the Chinese over a period of 2,000 years. In recent decades, electromagnetic research has confirmed the existence and location of these points.  The World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture's effectiveness for over 40 common health disorders, confirming acupuncture as a valid treatment for much more than just pain.

Traditional Asian acupuncture is rooted in the ancient Chinese theory of Qi. Qi is an energy, or life force, that runs through the 12 Meridians of the body.  The Meridians carry energy, blood and information to help regulate the body's organ and nervous system functions.  The body's meridians can become clogged or blocked when a person experiences stress or trauma.  Acupuncture helps to re-establish balance and flow through the meridians by stimulating or sedating the Qi, or energy flow, as needed.  In many cases, acupuncture can provide instant relief, making it suitable as a treatment for both acute and chronic health challenges.

At Bright Path Wellness, Diana utilizes both traditional and laser acupuncture as an integral part of a comprehensive treatment plan.  Diana's Master of Oriental Medicine provided thousands of hours of training and practice on acupuncture's benefits and the inter-connectivity of the organ systems via the meridians. This understanding of Oriental Medicine, combined with her knowledge of microbiology, nutritional science and genetics allows for a comprehensive view of what causes certain health issues, and which solutions will work best for each individual.