Success Stories

Patient Success Stories

We are proud to share case studies below of patients successes, although the real credit goes to them, as they made a commitment, followed the plan and communicated their successes and challenges allowing us to adjust their protocol and treatments throughout their journey to restored health.

Severe Ulcerative Colitis, Bone Loss in the Jaw, Chronic Gingivitis
  • 64-year-old Female
  • Severe Ulcerative Colitis for over 15 years
  • Multiple Drugs including Biologics and IV Prednisone
  • Chronic Gingivitis, Bleeding & Receding Gums
  • 50 Bone Loss in Her Jaw
  • In Danger of Losing 2 Dental Implants
  • Guess what was revealed on her Tooth-Organ Chart?  All 5 dental implants are on the Large Intestine Meridian!  Colitis is Large Intestine Disorder.

Treatment Plan:

  • Functional Medicine & Clinical Nutrition Protocol adjusting over 16 month process
  • Microbiome Testing with Comprehensive Stool Analysis
  • Healed Leaky Gut, Supportive Targeted Nutrients
  • Non-Thermal Laser Therapy with Erchonia EVRL & FX 635


  • Off Biologic Drugs ($30,000 per treatment)
  • Recent Colonoscopy Revealed Virtually No Colitis
  • Gums Healed & Pockets Closing
  • Bone Loss in Jaw Reversed & Regenerated - Dentists Amazed!
  • Implants Saved
  • Very Happy Patient! - Now Free to Follow Her Dream of Traveling in Retirement

  "Not only did the laser heal my bleeding and receding gums, it also helped reverse 50% bone loss in my jaw and saved my implants!" Linda H.

Dental Xrays Compare 2

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Fractured Sternum - 3 Low-Level Laser Treatments - "I can breathe & sleep without pain!"

Sternum Fracture

Patient Success - 74 year old female with Fractured Sternum from car accident. Painful to breathe and sleep. Doctor says "nothing we can do - just rest". Three 15-minute Erchonia Low-Level Laser Treatments = Big Smile "I can breathe and sleep without pain!!" Click Here to Learn More

Auto-Immune Disease Success:  "I've had no relief from traditional medicine.  Please help!"


A 56-year-old woman diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Just breathing was painful due to dryness in her nose.  She presented with severe constipation, broken hair and nails, and crippling fatigue and depression.


  • Using a Comprehensive Stool Analysis and Functional Blood Chemistry Assessment, Bright Path created a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan.
  • Using an anti-inflammatory diet, healing supplements, and by teaching the patient to make mindful food choices, Bright Path systematically healed the patient’s gut, reducing inflammation and auto-immune response.
  • By combining the approaches of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine, Bright Path taught the patient a specific way of eating which supports ongoing health and continued reduction of inflammation.


Within one month, the patient no longer experienced constipation or painful breathing.  Within three months, she had lost 30 excess pounds and her beautiful hair and nails were restored for the first time in 20 years. Within six months, her conventional medical doctors, who once told her there was no cure for her symptoms were amazed.  The patient re-tested with her Autoimmune Specialist Doctor, who said, “after reviewing your current results, I would not diagnose you with Autoimmune Disease!”

Crohn's Disease & Depression - "FREEDOM after 15 years of suffering!"


40-year old female patient with a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease and depression. Digestive pain since she was 9 years old.


  • Bright Path created a custom, clinical nutrition plan to address the imbalances in her digestive and endocrine system.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine indicated the patient would be better served by consuming warm foods, friendly to her digestive system, instead of her cold, raw food diet. This new way of eating was life changing for her.
  • Bight Path addressed the patient’s emotional stress via mindfulness techniques and a healing protocol of a   custom, herbal formulation and targeted nutrient therapy.


The patient no longer experiences daily pain, her bowels are regulated, and her depression has been alleviated for the first time in 15 years, allowing her FREEDOM, health and happiness.

Cholesterol Reduction Success: "I do not want to take Statins!  What are my options?"


48 Year Old Male International Executive with Total Cholesterol of 265, despite his optimal height and weight ratio of 6' 2" and 175 pounds.  Told by his Traditional Doctor that Statins were the only option, this thinking man searched for options.


Bright Path recommended a CardioMetabolic Panel offered by SpectraCell Labs, which includes an in-depth Cardiovascular Risk breakdown of Cholesterol into its individual components and their respective particle sizes.  This advanced test identifies Diabetes and Metabolic risk factors, vascular inflammation markers, and the cellular level of Omega-3, Omega-6, Arachidonic & Linoliec Acids.          

- After isolating excesses and deficiencies, especially the high presence of one dangerous large-particle Cholesterol component, a specific action plan was implemented.

- Bright Path implemented a corrective nutritional supplement protocol and taught the patient mindfulness techniques which both improved food choices and lowered stress. 


After the first re-test of the CardioMetabolic panel, our lab representative called and asked how we were able to positively effect this patient’s numbers in such a short amount of time. By knowing exactly which Cholesterol components to target, and with the partnership of a model patient, who stayed true to our recommendations and his appointment schedule, this patient experienced life changing results with no side-effects!  While he is thankful for the natural options we provided, we are thankful to have an engaged and healthy patient!


*While individual results may vary, patients who are committed to partnering with us along the Bright Path will reap benefits to Body, Mind, and Spirit.