Bright Path Wellness


Why Do Our Patients Prefer Bright Path Wellness's Functional Medicine?

We Integrate The Ancient Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Evidence-Based Function Medicine & Targeted Nutrient Therapy

Balancing Spirit, Mind & Body - One System at a Time.

"We are never stumped and always see many possible solutions for every condition." - Diana DaGrosa, MSOM, L.Ac., ACN

The Result = Lifelong Optimal Health

Integration of the Widest Array of Holistic Medicine Give You The Best Opportunity for Healing:



Functional Medicine

Patient-Focused • Evidence Based


Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Ancient Wisdom of Balancing Energy & Organ Systems


Functional Nutrition

Over 25 Years Experience • Personalized Targeted Nutrient Therapy


Functional Lab Test Evaluations

Knowledge Empowers • Measurable Results


Non-Thermal Low-Level Laser Therapy

Light is Energy • Energy is Healing


Mind, Body & Spirit

Lifestyle Nurturing • Reiki


All Treatments Include: Diana's 20+ Years of Therapeutic Blending of Aromatherapy to Promote Relaxation & Potentiate Healing; and Bright Path's Proprietary Color Therapy to Free the Mind for Deeper Healing.