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Video – Play Button – Diana Run

We’re on it. You can be to! The Bright Path

We're on it. You can be to! The Bright Path. Create a daily routine for better health. Find your own…
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Immune System Building Chicken Soup Recipe

Diana shares her nutritious immune system boosting recipe for Chicken Soup. Full of minerals and herbs such as Astragalus for…
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Bright Path Wellness …a compassionate practice of restoring good health naturally

Welcome to Bright Path Wellness, a unique holistic medicine practice for restoring your health by combining the best of Traditional…
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Traditonal Chinese Medicine

Finding root cause…the value of Traditional Chinese Medicine

My passion for Asian and Native American cultures began long before I became a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner, herbalist…
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excessive heat survival guide

Excessive Heat Survival Guide

During excessive heat, your body cools itself by letting heat escape through your skin and by evaporating sweat. If your…
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natural skin care products

DaGrosa Naturals’ Natural Facial Rejuvenation System

Bella Supreme | Rose Hydrosol | Facial Serum This system was created to promote healing, repair, and beautification.  There are…
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Blood Chemistry Assessment

Diana Presents Webinar for SpectraCell Labs

Bright Path Wellness is proud to announce, Diana presented a webinar for SpectraCell Laboratories. The International audience included Medical Doctors,…
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why digestion is so important

How important is healthy digestion? VERY! Watch our video to find out.

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gluten free cornbrad recipe

Golden Crunchy and Yummy Cornbread – Gluten Free, Egg Free, Mostly Dairy Free

Gluten Free, Egg Free & Mostly Dairy Free Cornbread Dry  Ingredients:      2 Cups - Stone ground Cornmeal - Medium…
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Diana Dagrosa Naturopathic Medicine

Fast Aid for Home and Travel

We have created a fast and easy kit for use at home as well as for those who are traveling…
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South River Miso

South River Miso Company Soups & Stews

Miso Soups & Stews Miso soup is quick and easy to prepare; it is often ready to serve within 5…
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Functional Medicine

Seeking Better Healthcare?

Seeking Better Healthcare? Deeply-Rooted in Natural Health! Researching and Implementing Natural Health Solutions for over 30 years to Benefit Ourselves,…
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