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Patients and clients often asked what products we use in our daily life.  We are very selective and mindful when we research products to use.  The products listed are ones we use ourselves to enhance our own health and wellness.

When purchasing products through the links on this page we may earn a small affiliate commission, which is used to help expand our knowledge and wisdom sharing with our community.

Thank you for trusting in Bright Path Wellness - Grounding

Reconnect to the Earth for Health

Hedron EMF Protection


5G Cell Phone & EMF Protection

HeartMath - Coherence

Cutting-Edge Heart-Brain Science

Cultured and Fermented

DIY Water & Milk Kefir Supplies

LifeWave Patches

LifeWave X39

Energy Patches for Wellness

Cell Phone Faraday Sleeves

Reclaim Your Right to Disconnect

Excalibur Dehydrators

Excalibur Dehydrator

Dehydration At Its Finest!



Light & Sound Therapy

MultiPure Water Purifiers


Drinking Water Systems