Bright Path’s Process


Seeking Relief from a Chronic Health Challenge?  There is Hope and Bright Path can Help!

What Does it Take to Restore Optimal Health?

  • Commitment - We are Committed to Your Care. With Your Equal Commitment, We Will Restore Your Health and Freedom.
  • Time - Reactivating the Body's Innate Healing Mechanisms is a Process, and A Process Requires Time.
  • Action - The Choice to Start Your Bright Path Journey to Optimal Health is Yours.

The Bright Path Process + Our Mutual Commitments = Optimal Health

Bright Path’s Clinically-Proven Wellness Process for Optimal Health:

 Information Collection

  • An In-Depth Review of Your Health & Life History
  • What has Caused your Current Health Issues?
  • Which Path Will Offer You the Best Personal Solution?

Review, Evaluation & Analysis of the Connections between Symptoms & Organ Systems

  • What are the Connections between Symptoms & Organ Systems
  • Recommended Lab Testing Helps Isolate Root Causes
  • A Corrective Treatment & Therapy Action Plan is Customized for You

Lifestyle Nurturing - Spirit, Mind & Body  

  • Elevate Your Spirit’s Vibration with Awareness and Mindfulness Techniques
  • Reduce Stress to Enhance Quality of Sleep
  • Learn Mindful Mealtime Habits
  • Understand and Participate in Appropriate Exercise

Targeted Corrective Nutrient & Herbal Therapy

  • Customized Therapeutic Phases Correct, Re-Build & Nurture
  • Prescriptions Adjust as Your Body Responds, Balances & Heals
  • Nutrient and Herbal Therapies Target both Short Term Relief and Long Term Life Improvements

Detoxification Programs

  • Personalized Detoxification Programs are Customized to Meet Your Needs
  • We Offer Protective On-Going Detoxification Systems Support

Treatment Options - Acupuncture, Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy, & Regenerative Laser Therapy

  • Corrective Treatment Plans for Accelerated Healing of both Acute & Chronic Conditions
  • Regular Treatments for Maintaining Balance

The Bright Path Process + Our Mutual Commitments = Optimal Health & Longevity